$12 billion .. New US aid to Kiev

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 $12 billion .. New US aid to Kiev

$12 billion .. New US aid to Kiev

 $12 billion .. New US aid to Kiev

In the new US support for Ukraine, especially after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced yesterday the annexation of 4 regions of Ukraine (Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson), the US Congress agreed to provide Kyiv with additional aid worth 123 billion dollars. Vote to approve the year-end budget and avoid a federal government shutdown.

The budget, billed as an interim budget that allows state and federal spending to exceed previously approved budget limits, was approved Friday by 230 delegates, including 10 Republicans, to 201 votes.

Military equipment worth 3.7 billion

The new aid package will allow US President Joe Biden to order the Department of Defense to transfer $37 billion in military equipment to Ukraine.

It also provided for the allocation of $ 45 billion to Kiev, which will enable it to avoid budget overruns.

65 billion dollars

Notably, the figures put the value of US aid to the Ukraine war at about $65 billion, AFP reported on Saturday.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said in a statement that this additional assistance will support the government's basic performance, help alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people, and strengthen Ukraine's courageous resistance to Putin's war of aggression.

The aid came hours after Putin announced the annexation of four regions of Ukraine to his country and signed an official decree to that effect, stressing that his decision was final, which sparked a wave of international condemnation of the decision.

The international community asserts that these decisions are invalid because they violate international law.