Violence in Iraq's Green Zone and the use of RPGs

Violence in Iraq's Green Zone and the use of RPGs

Violence in Iraq's Green Zone and the use of RPGs
Violence in Iraq's Green Zone and the use of RPGs


Hundreds of supporters of al-Sadr leader Muqtada al-Sadr flocked to the Green Zone in the center of the Iraqi capital and stormed the presidential palace, while al-Sadr announced earlier today that he would announce his final retirement on Monday. On the political front, tensions escalated in the country as the Arab News Agency reported violent clashes near the Green Zone. .

The use of an RPG launcher in the ongoing conflict in the Green Zone of Baghdad

RPGs were also used in the ongoing clashes in the Green Zone in Baghdad, where Al-Arabiya TV sources reported that missiles had landed near government palaces in the area.

She added that the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces in the Palestine Street area in Baghdad was attacked.

  • In addition, the circulating photos show a shooting incident at the Sadr al-Salam Brigade headquarters in Basra. There were reports that the headquarters of the Iraqi Hezbollah militia was attacked in the city.
  • Another video clip circulating showed armed clashes between supporters of the Sadrist movement and Popular Mobilization fighters in Basra.
  • It also announced the use of automatic weapons to attack the headquarters of the Asa'ib group in Basra.
  • The Joint Operations Command announced the imposition of a comprehensive nationwide curfew, starting at 7 p.m. local time, previously limited to Baghdad.
  • The decision came as angry Sadr supporters continued to pour into the capital and clashed with gunmen in the crowd who fired live ammunition, wounding protesters.
  • Meanwhile, Sadr City declared a state of alert, and some Sadr's followers took to the streets in Basra, Dikal and Maysan in the south of the country, expecting other southern provinces to join them.
  • According to Agence France-Presse, 12 protesters were killed in Baghdad's Green Zone and 85 others were wounded.

Al-Sadr's retirement permanently

Al-Sadr published a tweet on his Twitter account earlier today, in which he announced his retirement from political work and the closure of his current office, and he stumbled in electing the President of the Republic, after months of blocking the political scene in the country, forming a new government. It was formed after al-Sadr's opponents showed that there was no compromise on the pro-Iran coordination framework.