The US Navy angered China. Taiwan Strait tensions

 The US Navy angered China. Taiwan Strait tensions

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China's military said on Sunday that it was monitoring US naval ships sailing in the Taiwan Strait and would remain on high alert for any provocations.

The US Navy said the guided-missile cruisers Chance Lorsville and Antietam crossed the Taiwan Strait on Sunday in compliance with international law. In early August, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent Taipei to anger Beijing, which organized its largest military exercise near the island. Washington announced on August 12 that it intends to strengthen trade relations with Taiwan, asserting its right to freedom of movement in the air and sea separating the straits. The island speaks of China in response to Beijing's provocative behavior.


Kurt Campbell, White House Asia Pacific coordinator and advisor to President Joe Biden, said Beijing used Pelosi's visit to put strong pressure on Taiwan to try to change the status quo and endanger peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait in the broader region.

He announced that the US military will confirm, in the coming weeks, its right to use the international air and sea space between China and Taiwan, including regular air and sea transportations across the Taiwan Strait.

China considers Taiwan an inalienable part of its territory and has vowed to take it back, even by force if necessary.