Samsung Hacking: Did Hackers Get User Data?

 Samsung Hacking: Did Hackers Get User Data?

Following rumors of a Samsung hack earlier in March 2022 Samsung Electronics confirmed that a group of hackers successfully infiltrated the company's servers and stole internal data in addition to obtaining software code for Galaxy devices.

Samsung Hacking Did Hackers Get User Data

A group calling itself Lapsus which claims it was behind a security attack that stole data from Samsung is the same group that hacked Nvidia releasing screenshots showing nearly 200 gigabytes of stolen data including the company's use of South Korean code Encryption and device security with key features such as fingerprint and face printing on Galaxy devices.

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Has user data been obtained after hacking Samsung?

While Samsung has not confirmed or denied the identities of the organizations that hacked into the company's data or that data related to encryption and fingerprints were stolen the company confirmed that the hacking did not result in the acquisition of anything belonging to employees or users suggesting that the Hackers they successfully steal the code How fingerprints are used to secure devices they don't collect fingerprints from users of those devices.

In statements issued by several news sites, Samsung said a security breach had occurred related to some of the company's internal data and initial analysis of the breach led to the theft of code related to the functioning of some Galaxy devices but confirmed that the breach did not include customer and Employee Personal Information. 

The South Korean company also said it did not expect any impact on its customers or business from the hack.