What is the shape of the fetus in the sixth month of pregnancy?

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 The shape of the fetus in the 6th month

What is the shape of the fetus in the sixth month of pregnancy

  • the Sixth month of pregnancy Pregnancy lasts for nine months, during which the mother goes through many physical changes such as weight gain
  • swollen feet, increased hunger and appetite, in addition to psychological changes such as depression and hypersensitivity, but these changes are not limited only to the mother, 
  • and also include the fetus, In this article, we mention the changes that occur in the shape of the fetus in the sixth month. 
  • The shape of the fetus in the twenty-second week of the sixth month: Height and weight: The length of the fetus reaches about 28 cm and weighs about 450 grams. 

Face: He will notice that his features are becoming more prominent, and his lips will be fully grown. Gums: from below come the canines and incisors. Eyes:

  •  all parts are formed except for the color of the iris. Skin shape: the fetus has many wrinkles in different places on the body. Throttle blood:

 It hits four miles per hour. Twenty-third week: 

  • Height and weight: The length of the child will increase, the length of the child will be about twenty-nine centimeters, 
  • and his weight will double due to muscle formation as a result of storing a certain amount of subcutaneous fat. The senses: they will begin to develop, 
  • and the ears are formed, and at this stage, the fetus will be able to hear and interact with sounds. 
  • Height and weight at week 24: The fetus will continue to gain more centimeters, and its length will become about thirty centimeters, 
  • and its weight will reach six hundred grams. Skin shape: the pigment begins to form and appear on the skin, becoming less transparent. 

In the lungs: the alveoli begin to form and the body begins to secrete a substance (surfactant) that helps it breathe after birth. Note: 

What is the shape of the fetus in the sixth month of pregnancy

  • My mum suggested a 4D test will be done this week to check the health of the fetus. Twenty-fifth week Height and weight: The length of the fetus is 34 cm, 

its weight is about 90 grams and its weight is 690 grams. Ears: The fetus can not only hear sounds but can also distinguish sounds. Heart: hear his heartbeat. Sleep: 

  • The sleep cycle and body clock will begin to adjust. Note: This week, mothers are advised to take tests to check the level and strength of iron in the blood. Twenty-sixth week Height and weight: 

The length of the fetus is 35 cm and weighs more than 760. grams. Ears: He will be able to react more to sounds, such as increasing his movements when he hears loud noises. Eyes: 

  • The color of the iris turns blue, know that this color changes after birth for a few months. Testicles: If the fetus is male, the testicles descend into the scrotum, which may take three to four days.
  •  Tips for the mother in the sixth month, check back with a specialist to check her health and the health of the fetus. 
  • Avoid stimulants or alcoholic beverages. Make sure you take iron (folic acid) every day. Eat a well-balanced diet that contains all the nutrients your body needs, such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Do you have any questions about this? ask here