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 Infertility tips

visit a doctor

If it is difficult to think about or predict the possibility of infertility, you will need to see a specialist, so usually you should consult a specialist to understand the situation and, if possible, seek treatment. help. Check the situation before following the tips. [2]

For men, infertility is linked to problems with sperm, sperm health and quantity and can lead to testicular cancer and infectious diseases, so check with your doctor before considering treatment and how you need to choose the right diagnosis. [2]

Stick to the treatment prescribed to you

Medical professionals need to follow these treatments in order to prescribe and benefit from appropriate treatments for the infertile condition. These treatments include:

If possible, use certain antibiotics to treat genital infections [3].

Stick to medications prescribed for male infertility that increase testosterone levels, such as clomiphene and clomiphene.

Use of female hormonal agents that help regulate hormone levels such as gonadotropins, metformin and letrozole, depending on the cause of infertility [5].

Doctors may resort to surgery when a reason is needed, such as surgery to open the fallopian tubes in women or treatment of varicose veins in men. [3]

If all previous treatments fail, you can resort to reproductive surgery such as in vitro fertilization or gamete-to-fallopian transfer (GIFT). [3]

Lifestyle changes to increase fertility

Certain lifestyle changes can increase fertility and increase the possibility of fertility treatments such as: [6]

Maintain body temperature, especially in the genital area, by wearing appropriate clothing and avoiding hot areas [6].

Smoking cessation reduces sperm count and fertility in men [6].

Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages as it affects the quality of sperm. [6]

Avoid certain medications and stimulants