How much does the fetus weigh in the sixth month?

 How much does the fetus weigh in the sixth month?

How much does the fetus weigh in the sixth month

The fetus in the sixth month

With the beginning of the sixth month, you will enter the second trimester of pregnancy, and the pregnancy period begins in the twenty-second week of this month, which is the most pleasant and comfortable phase, but it ends in the twenty-sixth week, 

so every mother. Change and development greatly accelerate in the 6th month, and in this article, we will cover the development of the fetus’s weight during the sixth month, and some stages of its growth.

Fetal weight during the sixth month

The weight of the fetus in the sixth month can be expressed as:

How much does the fetus weigh in the sixth month

Twenty-fifth week

This week is the first week of the sixth month, and the length of the fetus is more than 23 cm and weighs about 700 grams, and it continues to gain weight rapidly, and the fetus opens its eyelids this week. Formed without any growth .140 times per hour moment. 

Twenty-sixth week

At the twenty-sixth week, the fetus is 33 cm long and weighs about 900 grams, the male testicles have completely descended, the lungs continue to grow, they can perform breathing functions, and the fetus can open its eyes and can suck and swallow better.

Twenty-seventh week

27th week: The fetus is 36.8 cm long, weighs 900 grams, sleep, but wakes regularly, opens and closes its eyes well, sucks fingers, and more brain cells grow; His brain becomes very active and the lungs continue to grow. 

Twenty-eighth week

This week the fetus is 37.5 cm long and weighs about 1 kg. It has more eyelashes, a well-developed vision, it can see light entering through the uterus, billions of neurons continue to grow in the brain, and a lot of body fat is ready to be released.

Twenty-ninth week

The length of the fetus this week is more than 37 cm and its weight is 1.25 kg. The weight continues to increase, the head continues to form, 

and the muscles and lungs continue to grow; Due to the many developments in this stage, adequate intake of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium is recommended.