Fetal movement in the seventh month

 Fetal movement in the seventh month

Fetal movement in the seventh month

In the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus has grown during the growth stage, and the fetus in this month has become more stable, and its movements are more intense than in the previous months, especially the movement of the male fetus. 

He feels complete, and it should be noted that doctors treat the stages of fetal growth by week, not month, because every week has a clear imprint on the developmental stage of the fetus.

Reasons for weak fetal movement in the seventh month

One of the problems that a pregnant woman faces is weak or lack of exercise in the seventh month. This is due to a variety of factors, some of which are serious:

  • Malnutrition.
  • The amount of oxygen delivered to the fetus through the umbilical cord is reduced.
  • If the mother's blood pressure rises.
  • The fetus is affected by a genetic factor.
  • If the umbilical cord is knotted.
  • The mother has a certain amount of belly fat and is obese.

The fetus in the seventh month

Fetal movement in the seventh month

Twenty-seventh week

  • The fetus weighs about 850 grams and is about 36 and a half centimeters long.
  • The fetal sleep cycle is regular, and it is normal for the fetus’s sleep cycle to differ from the mother’s sleep cycle.
  • Eyelids open.
  • Brain cells and tissues are still developing.
  • The lungs are not fully mature yet, but in the case of premature birth, they can function with the help of a ventilator.
  • He has more taste buds than adults and can distinguish his mother's milk.
  • In males, the fetus's testicles are attached to the scrotum, while in females the ovaries are filled with sacs.

Twenty-eighth week

  • Its weight is a kilogram and its length is thirty-seven and a half centimeters.
  • His eyelashes grew, but his eyelids could not move.
  • His brain is still growing.
  • The immune system is formed by the transmission of antibodies from the mother's body to the baby through the bloodstream.
  • The lungs and liver are in the last stages of development.
  • He began to gradually change the direction of his arc in preparation for the delivery.

Twenty-ninth week

  • The weight of the fetus is about one kilogram and one hundred and fifty grams, and its length is thirty-eight and a half centimeters.
  • His head grew and he was able to control his breathing and body temperature.
  • The adrenal glands secrete sterol hormones that stimulate milk production.
  • Fetal movement activates due to its great energy.
  • The hair that used to cover his body disappears.

thirtieth week

  • The weight of the fetus is one kilogram and four hundred grams, and its length is forty centimeters.
  • Its fat cells are deposited under the skin.
  • His sleep cycle is complete.
  • All his senses are working, but his eyesight allows him to see only what is close to him.